Focus Choir

Collective Creativity & Individuality
in Song

The transition from primary into secondary school is a big initiation for our young people. In recognition of this, we launched our Focus Choir in September 2016 for those in 6th class to 3rd year.

This choir continues vocal training alongside personal development, with an awareness and understanding of the stage of life our students are at.

The Focus Choir are a unique and quirky bunch!  They have written and performed their own songs, choreographed their own performances and really co-create a safe and supportive space full of laughter and joy.  Following on from their inaugural performance in June 2017 as support to the Youth Choir, 2018 saw them perform in the Moate theatre in Naas, with great success.  In 2020 they will be playing Vantastival along with the Youth Choir. 

As always, the students get to have an input into repertoire choice, getting their voices heard on every level. This choir also acts as a bridge into our Youth Choir.