Singer Not Beginner

Eimear Crehan is proud to present the Singer Not Beginner Program.  After years of working with singers, creatives, soloists, choir members, musicians and people interested in the arts, Eimear felt there was a massive lack of support for people to take the next step in their creativity with a program that really addressed their needs in terms of how to progress.

After graduating as a life coach with Positive Success Group in Marino College, it was clear that the application of life coaching concepts to creative development would be highly beneficial.  And so began the development of the Singer not Beginner program.  This is a unique and in-depth program that runs over a course of 7 weeks.   In addition to looking at the science of singing well and healthily, we look at what we believe around singing, where our ideas about creativity come from, what are we believing about ourselves and our story that is keeping us stuck.  Through experiential learning, course work, homework, performance, research and practice, the seven weeks take us on a journey where we dream big, make new friends, shift our thinking, understanding our programing and change the record!  Our students of this course have life changing results and we are constantly updating and refreshing the learning.

Eimear is currently studying with the American Creativity Association in Advanced Creative Coaching as well as with Kain Ramsey in the area of NLP and CBT in order to keep her thinking fresh and relevant. We look forward to you taking the step in changing your relationship with your creativity – the arts are for everyone and you too have the power to take the next step and re-write the story!

Feedback from the last course:

“A truly wonderful creative journey! The technical and personal lessons I have learned are invaluable. I feel such a sense of achievement and excitement for the journey ahead”. (Leona)

“A unique singing course set in a warm and friendly environment, an amazing opportunity to be guided by Eimear Crehan to develop your own skill and confidence to stand up and sing your heart out. A beautiful shared experience, most enjoyable course I have ever participated in”.  (Juanita)


Courses are ongoing throughout the year.  For more information, please contact Eimear on 086 1757636 for more information and to book your place.