Music Medicine

This is a 6 week course exploring the power of sound and song within our lives. Inspired by my work with the Naked Voice, the College of Sound Healing training and other healing modalities, this course offers an exciting journey as we learn about the magic of sound and its potential to help us in our daily lives. It is open to everyone regardless of experience of healing, meditation or singing.

The areas to be covered are:

Singing as Meditation

Throughout the course, we will look at different vocal practices and chants from around the world that help us to quieten the mind, and deepen into connection with ourselves. Chanting helps us to shift into silence and peace in a beautiful and accessible way.

Mantra and Contemplative Movement

Using the contemplative movements of Shintaido, we will explore different mantras and their corresponding movements to deepen our experience of the sound and the silence.

Improvisation and Exploration of our Voices

We will have fun exploring different ways to access our own innate voices, singing freely and improvising within a group setting and individually, in a safe and non-judgemental way.

Introduction to our energy body through sound

Learn how to use sound to strengthen your energy system through sacred mantra, and explore the different chakras and the energies that they contain, through the musical scale and movement.


The next course will run in Autumn 2020.   The course runs for 6 weeks, one evening a week, from 7 – 9pm, and the cost is €200 which includes all handouts and supporting materials throughout the course.

Contact Claire on 086 1923381 / for more info and to book a place.

If you would like to know more about Claire’s journey with Music Medicine, you can read all about it on her blog – My Journey with Music as Medicine.