At SuSo we offer camps at Easter & Summer.  These camps are a great opportunity for participants to build their self-confidence and self-esteem, to make new friends and to explore their creativity through music, art and drama.  We offer different camps for different age groups:

Band Camp

Following on from the success of our Band Camp in August ’19, and the band program days we are offering throughout the year, we are currently designing our Band Camp Extraordinaire 2020.  More details will follow soon!

Earlies Camp

These camps are for children aged 3 – 6 years old.  The camps run from 10.30 – 1 each day and the group size is limited to 15.  The 2020 summer camp will be run by Claire Crehan and her sister and community artist extraordinaire, Annah Knight, alongside Cayleigh Reilly, a qualified SNA (and also known as Mary the Magical Tree to many a child).  We explore creativity through art, story-telling, games, music, teddy-bears picnics and much more!

Details:  Dates tbc
Cost:  €65 per child

Shoco Camp

This camp is for primary kids aged 7 – 12, filled with games, drama, music, art and much more, all built around encouraging self-expression and building self-confidence, all whilst making new friends along the way.

Details:  Dates tbc
Cost:  €100 per child