Kilcock Men’s Shed Choir – Part 1

D Day is Here!

The day has arrived!  Today we are witnessing the Kilcock Men’s Shed Choir recording their album, celebrating this wonderful journey they have been on for the past 18 months.

We have singers Mossy, Mixer, Monty, Mick, Brian, Stephen, Frank, Liam, Chris, Tony and the musicians, Michael, Dermot & Joe, and the newest addition to the family – Jimmy on percussion.

These guys are amazing.  They’ve been so dedicated and hard-working, and taking huge leaps in this singing journey, taking huge ownership of this project and becoming an unstoppable musical force!

They will be recording their own song, the title track – Sands of Time, along with some old favourites, and some collaborative pieces with the SUSO Gospel Choir, with whom they began their musical journey in April 2015.

Getting Involved

This project is more than just a few men gathering to sing together.  It is a symbol of the amazing community of Kilcock – a community of support and encouragement that allows people to grow and to try new things, to be brave and courageous!  You can get involved in a  few different ways:

Album Launch  –  Friday 11th November

Put this date in your diary!  The men will share all the songs from the album, supported by the SUSO Gospel Choir to officially launch their album.  It will take place in Kilcock Church.  Please do come along, click to attend on Facebook, share the event, spread the word, and let’s fill the church!!!


We are looking for local businesses to sponsor the making of this unique project.  By sponsoring this album, you will get:

  • to contribute to the making of this unique project
  • to support community development and positive mental health
  • a credit on the sleeve of the album
  • 2 tickets to the album launch
  • a signed copy of the album
  • a Thank you on the documentary being made about this project
  • a link to your business from our website
  • a wonderful opportunity for corporate social responsibility!

Please get in touch with us for more information. / 087 2989727  or / 086 1923381

Be Proud and Be Inspired

These guys are great.  They faced their fears every step of the way and are following a dream, something they never thought possible.  So do be proud of them, be inspired to follow your own dream and to encourage others to do the same.

I’ll leave you with some snippets of their journey these past few weeks!

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