Through Eyes of Love – a Reflection

Last night something magical began in the town of Kilcock.  The Little Chapel was filled with the resonance of voice and heart, as we all gathered for our first night of ‘Singing for Peace’.

Inspired by a recent trip to Waterford where our Youth Choir sang at a Taize service in the Edmund Rice Centre, we created our own night to bring some of that experience back to Kilcock and to offer our voices to the community in thanks for all the support we receive.

And what a night!  We sang simple songs of beauty, people shared poetry that inspired reflection of heart, community, friendship, love, returning to oneself.  We shared silence.  Our voices rose and dipped like waves, everyone in tune with the music and the resonance.  We laughed.  We cried.  Our hearts were opened by our shared intention of singing for peace.

In the morning, an image arose during my meditation.  I saw the chapel and a tree by the river.  As we sang the resonance was gathered by the tree and through the roots all of the magic was sent into the river, into the community and into the hearts of everyone.  We never know the change we effect when we gather like this.  As our hearts open it ripples out into our families and our communities.  We greet strangers with a new smile.

So a big thank you to everyone who came along last night.  The youth choir were blown away by the experience that they created and want this to be a regular event within the community.

I feel we need more of these shared spaces to be in silence together, to share our voices for the beauty of it, to read poetry, to just be.  So let us continue the magic of these sacred spaces and help to heal the world, one heart at a time.

Through eyes of love, you see me

Through eyes of love, I see you

Through eyes of love, you free me

Through eyes of love, through eyes of love

Written by Claire Crehan

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Claire Crehan

Claire Crehan

Claire is co-founder of SpeakUp SingOut. She's a community music teacher, piano teacher, composer, performer and musical director. She also arranges all the music for our choirs, creating bespoke arrangements for each group she works work.
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