Dare To Sing Choral Festival – the What & Who!

Hey folks.  The countdown is on and there really is something for everyone.  Here is a quick snippet of the workshops and a bit about our facilitators.  More info to follow folks!
Suso Choral Festival September 2020

Craig Lees

Craig is a contemporary vocal coach, choral leader and arranger from Leeds in the UK.  His workshops guarantee to leave you with new knowledge, understanding and connection to singing.  Craig is at the forefront of teaching, arranging and contemporary singing styles and we are delighted to have him in Ireland.

Gemma Sugrue

We met Gemma at Gospel Rising and everyone who attended her class benefited so much from it.  Gemma is a professional singer and coach and has lots to share with us about healthy singing, modern styles and advanced solo singing.  She has a wealth of experience in this field and we are so excited to learn from her.

Brian (Rags) Ferguson 

Brian had a fantastic impact on everyone who attended his drum sessions at Gospel Rising.  Believe us when we say this has something for everyone – we really recommend you trying this out.  Brian has developed 3 bespoke workshops for our festival and is very excited to share this with you.

Claire Crehan

Claire has designed this workshop to explore the realm of sound and resonance in the body – how do we connect with our authentic voice, and use sound and singing as meditative musical exploration.  This small group workshop is highly recommended for those wishing to experience deeper connection to their unique sound.

Eimear Crehan 

This is a beginner Soloist Workshop and and combines life coaching skills and personal support to enable you find the first steps to singing solo and working with your authentic voice.  Eimear loves working with new singers and can help you unlock your thinking and develop your relationship with your voice.

Siobhan Mulligan

Siobhan is a local teacher and runs the Edge Dance Academy.  Having seen Siobhan’s work with all ages and stages of dance, we are sure that she will bring fun, learning and coordination to all willing to give it a go.  Bringing styles from around the world, this is sure to be an energising workshop where people learn new skills!

Ruari Ó Coilleáin

Sound therapist Ruari will take us on a journey of sound and meditation in this workshop, allowing us to experience sound and vibration in a new way.  Using gongs and instruments from around the world, participants can relax and enjoy this therapy and experience something new.  Ruari will be accompanied by a second gong therapist, Colourful Simone, and this promises to be a wonderful rejuvenating session.

Next steps…

If you’re not already booked in, cancel whatever you’re doing, call Karen on 086 1765211 / speakupsingout@yahoo.com, and get booking!  It’s gonna be wild.

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Claire Crehan

Claire Crehan

Claire is co-founder of SpeakUp SingOut. She's a community music teacher, piano teacher, composer, performer and musical director. She also arranges all the music for our choirs, creating bespoke arrangements for each group she works work.
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