Covid-19 song by Junior Choir

SUSO Junior Choir are delighted to share this video, The Covid-19 Song, that they have been working on for the past month.

It is not easy to stay creative but this group have really shown what is possible and this video gives us an insight into how it feels for young people to be experiencing lockdown. Each of the clips you see in the video were recorded individually and submitted by each of our Junior Choir members. They wrote this song themselves – to the tune of “Shotgun” and all footage was their own idea. Video was edited by Jamie Crehan.

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Eimear Crehan

Eimear Crehan

Eimear Crehan is a singer songwriter from County Kildare, Ireland and co-founder of Speak Up Sing Out Music School. Her debut album Scars was released in Nov 2018 and her new single Enough is out on May 1st. She is also a renowned vocal and creativity coach.
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