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Attention Parents:  Do you love to sing but struggle with babysitters?  
Well this could be for you…

We run a wonderful singing group that’s for Mammys and Daddy’s where you can bring your baby/toddler along.  Meeting once a week, this group sings a mix of contemporary songs, learns all about singing and makes new friends. 

Announcement – We are delighted to share that the fantastic SUSO HarMammies Choir based in Kilcock is expanding and opening branches in Navan and Clane! This is an amazing opportunity to join a choir where if you have a small baby or toddler you can bring them along to choir, no problem! Babies, toddlers & tears welcome! You can also come along if you have children in school. These small group choirs bring so much joy to our mammies and are a fantastic source of support, laughter, friendship and singing. For more information whatsapp 0861757636 or email

For me, the choir is what I didn't know I needed until I got there. I love the fact that there are babies and older children running around. The dynamic allows us mammies to do something in public without the extra worry of 'is my child making too much noise'. We all just get to have one big noise-filled Thursday morning with singing and tea throw in. I love it!

Mum of 2

These guys are going from strength to strength and have released multiple music videos.


HarMammies Staff

Ailish Crehan

Ailish Crehan is delighted and proud of these fantastic HarMammies! Ailish was the original creator of a parent support group that turned into the first HarMammies group. You can read more about the origins of the choir here ( Ailish has been involved in music her whole life and has always loved singing. A full time mammy to Tom (almost 8) and Molly (5), she has a busy life and understands all about judggling parenting. She has been involved in choirs for many years and is well known for having the ability to recall an alto line from an obscure song from 15 years ago! Her leadership style is gentle, caring, empathetic, supportive and kind. She loves meeting new mammies, hearing all the harmonies come together, putting minds at ease and being an all round support to the members of her choir. Feel free to give Ailish a call to talk through any questions you might have about the choir, you can reach her on 0873526406.

Susan O Brien

From an early age, Susan has always had something creative on the go.  She quickly ran out of notes on the tiny toy keyboard she got when she was 7 and went on to sing in the church choir and play with a few bands.  She would spend hours messing around on a portable home recording studio, rearranging songs she loved, sometimes writing her own.  

She spent almost two decades singing at many wedding ceremonies, studying jazz and dabbling in the singer-songwriter scene before taking a break for a few years to figure out the whole motherhood thing. Susan is a mammy to a boy and twin girls who seem to be getting a little less little every time she blinks. 

Although a latecomer to the Kilcock HarMammies, Susan immediately felt at home when she walked into her first session with them. All the chaos, all the music, so much fun and a wonderful sense of belonging.  She loves to work with all the different voices and her favourite thing is to help people’s confidence grow through song.  She can’t wait to see what beautiful music and memories she will make with all the wonderful ladies in the very special HarMammy Community. If you have any questions about the Clane group feel free to call Susan on 0857387248