Singing is taught by Eimear. Eimear loves nothing more than teaching people how to sing and freeing the voice. Eimear knows and fully believes that anyone can sing, they just need to be given the tools to do so. To sing is a wonderful thing and Eimear loves to support that as much as possible. She does not teach exams, only free singing in a style that suits you. She has never met any one she couldn’t teach so if you think you would like to challenge her record she would love to meet you. Eimear specialises in fear and stage fright and can help with these issues, as well as helping professional singers overcome any vocal issues or limitations. Eimear also teaches songwriting and can help you develop your style and free your inner creative genius!

One on one classes are 30 minutes long, and group classes are 40 minutes. All of our classes are taught with a focus on personal development and confidence building.