Here at SuSo, we have a thriving guitar department.  The learning styles of students are recognised and encouraged, and whether they want the traditional exam route, or to play the music they love to listen to, the teachers respond to their needs with a curious joy.  We offer guitar lessons to students of all ages, and can cater for all styles and abilities, from beginner to advanced.  

Classes are 30 minutes long.  All of our classes are taught with a focus on personal development and confidence building.  

Cian Lernihan

Cian studied classical guitar in the Royal Irish Academy of Music and is an incredibly encouraging teacher who continues his professional development rigorously!  He is an approved London College of Music guitar tutor, and holds a Diploma in guitar teaching from the London College of Music.  

“Guitar lessons in SuSo are perfect for me – a wonderful blend of jamming, technical direction and fun. I look forward to it each week”.

David McDonald

Dave is a graduate of BIMM and a regular on the gigging circuit.  His incredible wealth of performance experience is shared with students freely and with joy.  Dave’s has a wonderful way with students of all ages,

“Dave is a great guitar player and an amazing teacher.  He always makes the lessons fun and entertaining.  He picks great songs to learn, and as soon as the lesson is over you just want to play guitar”.  (Luca, a student)

For more info on Cian and Dave, check out our About page.


€25 annual registration fee

€88 / month over 10 months

€73 / month over 12 months

This includes:

  • 35 half-hour lessons 
  • access to 3 band program days during the school year
  • 2 recitals per year
  • supplementary teaching material 
  • access to online technology