Choir Doctor

Here at SpeakUp SingOut, our extensive work and experience with choirs have helped us to see what the common issues are across all choirs and have allowed us to tailor make programs to suit each choir that we work with. We want to leave a choir with new information, we want to inject life, help to resolve issues, improve the health of your singers, leave members feeling like they have found new learning, and new love for the group they sing with!

In our series of ‘choir doctor’ workshops, we will look at a variety of issues that can arise within a choir, and provide solutions for the same to help your choir be as healthy and happy as possible. These are modular and each workshop can be stand alone for a more in-depth experience, or can be part of a day long workshop where you get an introduction to all the elements that are relevant to your group.

1. Vocal health

this workshop will look at best practice around vocal health. It is so important for choirs to understand the vital importance of things like warming up – an element that can make the difference between a good choir and a great one. Within vocal health, we look at individual elements such as posture, breathing, range and technique, and group elements such as blending, listening, awareness, group dynamics and improvisation.

2. Repertoire

It is great to find new material, new styles, new genres, new life! From simple rounds and acapella pieces, to more complex choral arrangements in all styles, this workshop will help you to bring new life to your choir. This can be tailor-made to fit your group or can be personally designed by us at SuSo. Our methods of teaching ensure fast learning, with follow up music available to directors.

3. Movement

Movement is such an important element within a choir. Whether your movements are big or small, they all need the same guidance! In this module we look at group movement in performance, rhythmic coordination, feeling rhythm and pulse, conducting, solutions to problems, and practicalities and options with different group sizes.

4. Fear & Solo Singing

Solo singing and overcoming fear. What are the things that get in the way of reaching our potential as a singer? What are the myths we all have about singing and how can we expose and understand them? How can we overcome the things that limit us as singers and really understand our potential and how to unlock the abilities we have? How do we do this all safely and build our experience in a way that’s healthy and progressive, with the singer at its core? This module looks at all these issues and answers lots of questions!

5. Advanced Solo Singing

This is for people who are already singing solo and want to take it to the next level. How do you really deliver a song? What is important about your performance? How do you leave your audience moved by your voice? How do you introduce flavour to your voice, mix styles and use different elements of your instrument? How is your voice unique?

This is an intense workshop for people who want to really work on delivering their singing in a new and improved way.

6. Managing your choir

For us at SuSo, choirs are transformational in the world! Your choir should feel like your choir – all members should feel valued and loved and encouraged! In this workshop we look at how to make your choir ‘people-centred’, how to manage issues that naturally arise within a group and how to ensure that all members are getting the most out of their choir. How can you help the choir to help itself? What tools can you give your members to enable them to encourage emotional health within the group? In this module we address these issues and look at what is in the way of your choirs’ development. Then we can ask: what are the things that can be done to empower members and choir coordinators to really get the most out of this group?

Take the next step for your choir!

Please contact us for more information on creating a bespoke workshop for your choir.  We are happy to travel nationwide to facilitate workshops or, alternatively, you are welcome to come to us in Kilcock.